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Enterprise Europe Network Technology Request by Philips

Donderdag 18 april 2019

We would like to share with you the request of Philips who’s looking for new and innovative ways to improve the monitoring of patients in order to improve health outcomes, patient experience, staff satisfaction and to realize a lower cost of care. Please have a look at the attached document or follow this link to view their profile. 

Philips is eager to establish collaborations in the framework of a technological or research agreement with emerging businesses. They are open to all kinds of cooperation partners but they show particular interest to startups with innovative business models directly advancing the above mentioned quadruple aim. Such as enabling shorter length of stay, managing of episodic risk of patients being readmitted to hospitals, managing referrals between clinicians or institutions, taking diagnosis, procedures or monitoring outside the hospital. Philips specifically is looking for expertise on new measurement techniques for in-patient and ambulatory monitoring.

As mentioned in the profile, this request is part of an innovation challenge that will close may 27th.