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Cross-Border Activity: Visit Fraunhofer Institute Aachen

Donderdag, 06 september 2018

On September 6 LifetecZONe invites you for a visit to two Fraunhofer institutes based in Aachen:

The Institute for Laser Technology (ILT)

The currently suggested topics at ILT are centered around additive manufacturing of metals, including magnesium alloys, or composite materials and plastics. 

The Institute of Production Technology (IPT)

IPT has to offer a broad range of technologies that find various applications in the field of life sciences and medical engineering, starting wirth a wide range of lightweight production technologies, fiber reinforced composites, automated production of stem cells, data analytics, individualized medical products, optics design and diode lasers.

At this meeting Fraunhofer Gesellschaft will give a presentation on how your product or process could benefit from these state of the art technologies. This will be followed by an extensive tour. 
The exact programme will be customized for the participants. The earlier you register, the more the programme can be customized for you!

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