Join an EU consortium

The easiest way to apply for a European grant, is to join an existing consortium. If you are interested in an upcoming 2020 or IMI call, you can always contact LifetecZONe’s partner PNO because of its involvement in multiple projects, also for the upcoming deadlines.

Another options is to use specialized ‘partner search tools’, such as Innovation Place:
After creating an account, you will get alerts if consortia are looking for a partner and you can also search for specific partners.

European grant suppliers also offer similar tools such as the EU participant portal and on the IMI site here.

How to come to a winning EU proposal?

Applying for European grants can feel like playing the Champions League: only the absolute best are able to bring in the big bucks. A precondition to win is of course a great team, with complementary strengths and both able to score and to defend. Just as a EU grant application will need partners throughout the value chain and with different qualities, who complement each other in the innovation process. You also wouldn’t even make it to the qualifying rounds without taking time to train. This is the same for EU grants. Start early with the proposal writing, which gives you time to write a coherent proposal and allows you to (slightly) change tactics along the way if necessary. And if you don’t win this round, at least you have gained valuable experience and training hours you can build upon in the next round!

Tips and tricks for EU grant writing

  • Prepare. Read the call text carefully. Really try to fathom what the EC is looking for and try to write your proposal in such a way that it fits the call, without losing sight of your initial ambitions. Formulate clear objectives and emphasize the uniqueness of your project. You can always ask experienced colleagues/friends/consultants for help!
  • Write. Make sure to strike a balance between layman and professional text. The overall goal, result and impact should be clear to everyone reading your proposal, the exact details of the technique or the implementation can be specifically directed to the professionals.
  • Convince. Think as an investor and try to make sure the investment risk is as low as possible. An important part of this is to convince both the ‘technical’ and the ‘financial’ reviewer that you will meet your objectives. Also emphasize the importance of your project for Europe.